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Language proficiency test

The language proficiency test designed by the Civil Aviation Agency consists of two parts. The first part is the listening test and the second part is the test of speaking ability. Both tests assess the comprehension and use of standard phraseology and plain language.

Listening Test
  •   Comprehension of exchanges and messages in which speakers use   standard R/T phraseology
  •   Comprehension of R/T exchanges and messages in which speakers use plain language
15 min
Speaking test
  •   Use of R/T phraseology
  •   Use of plain language in communication on common and work-related topics
25 min

Listening test

The listening test consists of four texts for the listening comprehension containing standard R/T exchanges and situations when standard phraseology cannot serve an intended transmission. When test-takers finish listening to a specific text, they write short answers to the questions about the text.

Speaking test

The speaking test comprises the test of the standard R/T phraseology and plain language used in the discussion of common, concrete and work-related topics. It includes voice-only and face-to-face situations. The tasks also elicit language used in dealing with an unexpected turn of events.

Tasks Description

Listening tasks

Tasks 1

Test-takers listen to usual R/T exchanges and messages and fill in the required data in the spaces provided.

Task 2

Test-takers listen to short R/T exchanges dealing with unusual events in aeronautical communications. They are asked to write short answers to the questions associated with each listening text in the spaces provided.

Speaking tasks

Task 1 (cca 2 minutes)

Test takers are requested to give a report on an unusual event heard in the recording of one of the listening texts. The examiner may ask addition questions to check understanding.

Task 2 (cca 8 minutes)

The test-taker and the candidate role-play a scenario covering a part of a flight.

Task 3 (cca 5 minutes)

Test takers are presented with a photograph. They are asked to look at it and describe what they see. Then they are given a few questions related to the photograph.

Task 4 (cca 5 minutes)

Test takers are asked several questions related to general aviation issues connected with the topic of a particular test version.