Training activities

For training activities it is required for every instructor to obtain Special Approval from CAA . The permission is based on Articl 33 of the Decree on Hang gliding and Paragliding and is issued to individual instructor (and not to organisation, as for example, Flying school etc.) and is limited to registered sites only.

How to obtain the special permission?

Permission can be obtained by fulfilling Appllication to obtain Special Permission. The permission is issued for unlimited duration, if the instructor certificate and licence remain valid at the time of visiting Slovenia. Holder of permission shall carry it whenever activity take place and shall present to inspector or other authority when asked so. 

Reporting instructing activities to CAA

Holder of special persmission is shall report intention of conducting training in the Republic of Slovenia at least 3 working days prior intended commencement of training to e-mail:

Content of Activity report is following:

  • Number of trainees;
  • Period of training (from - to)
  • Area of training (for example Lijak, Kovk etc.)
  • Contact (direct telephone number)

CAA will supervise exercising of privileges issued permission in accordance with Aviation Act.

Enforcement measures

CAA will repeal, suspend or limit privileges deriving from this approval, if it finds any non-compliance with relevant regulations and if flight safety is compromised. In addition, the pernission will be repealed if the licence of instructor is suspended, limited or revoked by the competent authority that issued that licence.