Theoretical knowledge examinations


Candidates are required to apply for each sitting. They shall select only the exams they intend to take.

An approved training organization shall issue a document of successful completion of the training course before the candidate applies for the first sitting.

The list of confirmed dates for exams is published online in a separate decision.

Each candidate receives:

Notification of the examination dates and times, together with the username and password required to log in to a computer at the CAA;

Decision on cost, which depends on the number of exams.

All exams are done on a computer. In case of technical issues, the exam is paper-based.

  • To be able to take the exams, the costs of the exams shall be paid prior to the examination date.
  • Cancellation of a single exam/subject is not possible.
  • Cancellation of the whole examination session is possible if made at least three working days before the session start time.
  • The pre-paid amount for the examinations is transferred to the new sitting only if cancellation is made in time.
  • In case of cancellation, additional administrative costs are charged in accordance with the Tariff for the provision of services by the CAA.


Examination time is limited to maximum three hours per day.
Mobile phones should be switched off during the examination.

Allowed items during the exam:

  • Calculator with scientific functions (no internet connection, no aviation computer functions, no text, formulas or graph drawing options allowed),
  • Mechanical sliding navigational calculator,
  • Ruler, aviation plotter (protractor) and bow compass.

Some examination questions contain an annex (e.g. chart, image, graph).

Each exam has a time limit for solving the questions. The available time is displayed on the screen during the exam.

The exam invigilator can be addressed in case of any problems during the examination but not for clarification of questions or answers.

In case of a serious violation of the above rules or cheating, the test session can be interrupted and the candidate prohibited from taking further examinations for a period of 12 months. Such prohibition applies to examination centers in all Member States of EASA.


Candidates are required to take their first theoretical examination not later than 12 months after the end of the theoretical training in an approved training organization (ATO).

All required examinations shall be passed within 18 months of the first sitting.

A candidate shall pass all exams within 6 sittings. The distribution of subjects in these sittings is at candidate’s discretion.

In the event of:

  • failing the same subject four times,
  • failing to complete all exams within six sittings,
  • failing to complete the exams within 18 months of the first sitting,

the candidate cannot continue with examinations. An approved training organization shall be consulted for further training before re-applying for theoretical examinations from the beginning.

Minimum score required to pass each exam is: 75%.

All exams are based on multiple-choice questions.


Examination questions for the acquisition of ATPL(A), CPL(H), ATPL(A), CPL(H), IR(A) and IR(H) licences are provided by EASA (ECQB- European Central Question Bank). The CAA is not responsible for editing and processing of content.


In the examinations for the acquisition of sport pilot licences, sailplane pilot licences and balloon pilot licences, the national question database is used. The catalogue of examination questions is published on the CAA website in the Catalogues section.