Continuing airworthiness management organisation - CAMO

Organisation approved in accordance with Part-CAMO Annex II Commission Regulation (EU) no. 1321/2014 (EUR-Lex) is with regards of its Scope of Approval authorised for managing continuing airworthiness of aircrafts, which are used by Air Carriers licensed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1008/2008.

Documents for initial issue or change of authorised Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation iaw Part-CAMO

Application for Part-145, Part-M Subpart F/ Subpart G Approval, Part-CAMO, Part-CAO – EASA Form 2 (mandatory attachments are listed on the last page of the application!)


Application for the maintenance programme approval
Application for Technical Log Book approval
Application for subcontracting continuing airworthiness tasks iaw CAMO.A.125(d)(3) contract approval
CAME audit checklist


Maintenance Programme checklist


Audit check list of sub-contracting continuing airworthiness management tasks - (Appendix II to CAMO.A.125(d)(3))

In addition to each application for change or initial approval, the organisation is obliged to do an internal audit how the change affects on processes inside organisation, whether all the requirements of  Part-CAMO are met and to evaluate if aviation safety is affected (Safety Management System).

With regards of initial scope of work or scope of change, Agency will issue decision on costs for tariff payment, after receiving documents.

Link to list of organisations approved iaw Part-CAMO
List of organisations approved iaw Part-CAMO