Search and Rescue in the event of civil aircraft accidents (SAR)

Pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 135 of the Aviation Act (Official Gazette of RS, No 81/10 and 46/16), the Civil aviation Agency (hereinafter “the Agency”) coordinates civil aviation search and rescue operations.
For the purpose of coordination of SAR operations, the Agency provides 24/7 accessibility. The number to call is: +386 41 304 311.

In the event of an aircraft accident,  aircraft search is conducted in accordance with the national Protection and Rescue Plan, involving the public undertaking KZPS, Ltd., the Agency, the Police, the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the Slovenian Maritime Administration, the Slovenian Armed Forces, Protection, Rescue and Assistance Forces, etc., within the scope of their powers.

The SAR operation is triggered:

  • when the emergency signal is triggered and it is considered that a major accident has occurred, or when the location of the accident cannot be determined when the aircraft has not reached its destination,
  • when the aircraft reports problems and the contact is lost,
  • when the aircraft disappears from the radar screen,
  • when the aircraft has a failure or a problem that would present a problem for a safe landing,
  • in other cases, when the SAR and the police recognize the need for coordination of search operations.