Registration of an aircraft

For the registration of an aircraft the following documentation shall be submitted:

  • Application for the registration of an aircraft (AIR.OBR-108) and tariff payment;
  • A final Decision of a competent Court on the owner and  operator of the aircraft (in the case of a lease agreement). Additional information regarding the conclusion of lease agreement valid less than 6 months, can be found on the CAA's website under the Legislation / Safety Directives;
  •  Evidence of ownership (a copy of the invoice, sale/purchase agreement and  lease agreement in case of leasing  the aircraft.)
  • Identity document of owner and operator, where the person is a natural person or alternatively – in the case of legal entity - a proof of enrolment in a Business Register. In the case of a foreign legal person, an authenticated certificate of enrolment in a foreign Business Register shall be submitted;
  • The original Certificate of De-registration from the previous country  or Certificate of Non-registration in the case of a new aircraft.;
  • A customs Declaration where the aircraft  is imported from a non-EU member state;
  • Certificate of Acceptance of the aircraft (optional);
  • Authenticated authorisation of the owner should be submitted, if the applicant is not the owner.  

 The Agency shall issue a Certificate of Registration together with the Decision.