Production without POA - 21F

The Agency may authorize production in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012, Part 21.F, when the following is provided:

  1. Applicant intends to manufacture parts, appliances and/or materials intended for use in aviation or air navigation as parts of type-certified products (excluding simulators, ground equipment and tools);
  2. The Agency establishes that the use of Part 21.G would be inappropriate and therefore Part 21.F is applicable. The difference between the two types of organization lays in quality management. There are cases where a quality system that involves independent control and constant internal auditing process of the company is not reasonable or feasible. In deciding whether to apply Part 21.F, the competent authority may consider one or more of the following criteria:
    • there is no serial production in the company;
    • the production is only seldom or occasional;
    • small scale production;
    • The manufacturing technology is simple and allows effective control during the manufacturing process;
    • The company is a very small organisation.

The letter of agreement shall be issued for a limited duration not exceeding one year.

Issue of a Letter of Agreement

The following shall be submitted to the CAA in order for the Letter of Agreement to be issued:

The contents of the manual

The manual shall contain at least:

  1. applicant's statement to comply with:
    • 1.1.  requirements as set in Part 21.F;
    • 1.2.  procedures defined in the manual and applicable documentation;
    • 1.3.  any decision or other legal act issued in connection with the pursuit of a business activity (statement on legality).
  2. Applicant's statement of compliance of the manual with the applicable requirements as set in Part-21, Section A, subpart-F;
  3. tasks, responsibilities and accountability of th personnel (accountable personnel);
  4. organisation chart;
  5. a description of the assets and human resources, indicating the criteria for qualification;
  6. description of location and equipment;
  7. a description of the areas of work, processes and techniques in production with reference to the capability list, (description of the items to be manufactured, including the number of items produced and the number of deliveries);
  8. a description of the procedure for cooperation with the competent authority in accordance with 21A.125 (c);
  9. a description of communication with design approval holder in accordance with 21A.125(c),
  10. attachments to the manual;
  11. quality management description (including the testing of aircrafts, engines and propellers) and production control system procedures.
  12. the list of suppliers;
  13. issuance of the statement of conformity and control of a competent authority of its validity.
Link to list of organisations approved iaw Part-21F
List of organisations approved iaw Part-21F