Production organisation - 21G

Production organization certified under Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 (EUR-Lex), Subpart 21.G, upon submission of the Declaration of Conformity of the aircraft it manufactured, shall receive an airworthiness certificate and a noise certificate. If an organization manufactures parts or appliances, it can issue a certificate of release to service for a part or an appliance without further proof.

For the approval, the following shall be submitted to the CAA:

For changes to the terms of approval, the following shall be submitted to the CAA:


Any natural or legal person shall be eligible as an applicant for an approval under this Subpart. The applicant shall:

  1. justify that, for a defined scope of work, an approval under this Subpart is appropriate for the purpose of showing conformity with a specific design,
  2. hold or have applied for an approval of that specific design and
  3. have ensured, through an appropriate arrangement with the applicant for, or holder of, an approval of that specific design, satisfactory coordination between production and design (The holder who - if the applicant is not the sole owner of the project - shall include the power of final delivery to the purchaser of at least one of the products (Direct delivery authorization) otherwise it is understood that the applicant is a subcontractor of another approved production organization and does not need to authorize the release of the product for use.) (draft of DOA / POA agreement with instructions).

Production Organisation Exposition (POE)

The organisation shall submit to the competent authority a Production Organisation Exposition providing the following information:

  1. a statement signed by the accountable manager confirming that the Production Organisation Exposition and any associated manuals which define the approved organisation’s compliance with this Subpart will be complied with at all times,
  2. the title(s) and names of managers accepted by the competent authority in accordance with point 21.A.145(c)(2);
  3. the duties and responsibilities of the manager(s) as required by point 21.A.145(c)(2) including matters on which they may deal directly with the competent authority on behalf of the organisation,
  4. an organisational chart showing associated chains of responsibility of the managers as required by point 21.A.145(c)(1) and (2),
  5. a list of certifying staff as referred to in point 21.A.145(d),
  6. a general description of man-power resources,
  7. a general description of the facilities located at each address specified in the production organisation’s certificate of approval,
  8. a general description of the production organisation’s scope of work relevant to the terms of approval,
  9. the procedure for the notification of organisational changes to the competent authority,
  10. the amendment procedure for the production organisation exposition,
  11. a description of the quality system and the procedures as required by point 21.A.139(b)(1),
  12. a list of those outside parties referred to in point 21.A.139(a) and
  13. if flight tests are to be conducted, a flight test operations manual defining the organisation's policies and procedures in relation to flight test. The flight test operations manual shall include:

(i) a description of the organisation's processes for flight test, including the flight test organisation involvement into the permit to fly issuance process,

(ii) crewing policy, including composition, competency, currency and flight time limitations, in accordance with Appendix XII to this Annex I (Part 21), where applicable,

(iii) procedures for the carriage of persons other than crew members and for flight test training, when applicable,

(iv) a policy for risk and safety management and associated methodologies,

(v) procedures to identify the instruments and equipment to be carried and

(vi) a list of documents that need to be produced for flight test.

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List of organisations approved iaw Part-21G