Civil Aviation Agency of Slovenia (CAA) regulates paragliding and hang gliding in Slovenia and is responsible for conduct of safety oversight of paragliging and hanggliding acitivities. In general, pilots shall hold a valid license and comply with all airspace requirements in the territory of Slovenia. Soaring through the skies above Slovenia is an unforgettable experience, but prioritizing safety is paramount. Before you take flight, make sure you have a plan and are aware of current conditions. This page provides vital resources to help you assess the weather, airspace restrictions, and other factors that can impact your paragliding adventure

Flying activities and licences

Which licence do I need for flying in Slovenia?

Training activities

Requirements for training of pilots with foreign licence.

Safety Directives

Safety Directives issued by CAA to cater for satey.


Weather Info (ARSO)

ARSO provides detailed weather forecasts, including wind speed and direction, visibility, cloud cover and thermal activity.

Slovenia Control

Check the official website of Slovenia Control for any NOTAMs relevant to your paragliding flight path.

Occurrence Reporting

CAA appreciates for sharing with us safety relating occurrence including voluntary reports. 


Applicable requirements

The following regulations set out the flight safety standards for paragliding and hang gliding activities:

Our vision and policy

The CAA's vision aims to ensure aviation safety by monitoring the professionalism and legality of the persons who carry out aviation activities within Slovenian terriotory. In accordance with our responsibility, our aim is to achieve a level of safety that minimises hazard or risk, which is achieved through:

  • safety promotion and promotion of safety culture
  • carrying out inspections and certification in a impartial manner
  • setting clear objectives
  • a culture of reciprocity and fair treatment
  • legality, professionalism and objectivity


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