Unmanned Aircraft System




Access to the UAS REPOSITORY web application is provided for individuals and organizations using a qualified digital certificate and a personal computer with a modern web browser installed (expect best resoults with Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Microsoft Edge,..etc.).


For EU citizens and EU legal entities:

UAS operators shall register themselves in the Member State where they have their residence for natural persons or where they have their principal place of business for legal persons and ensure that their registration information is accurate. A UAS operator cannot be registered in more than one Member State at a time.

UAS operators that have their principal place of business, are established, or reside in a third country

The competent authority for the third-country UAS operator shall be the competent authority of the first Member State where the UAS operator intends to operate. Registration is valid throughout the EU.

Entry into the UAS REPOSITORY application with Qualified digital certificate for EU citizens and legal entities

You need a digital certificate for secure electronic business with government agencies. With it, you prove your identity in e-commerce, guarantee the content of electronically submitted information and sign electronically.

A digital certificate is a computer record that contains information about the holder and his public key, as well as information about the issuer of the digital certificate and the period of validity of the digital certificate.

  • check the possibility of obtaining a qualified digital certificate in the EU country of which you are a resident.

Entry into the UAS REPOSITORY application for third country residents

  • access is enabled by submitting an e-mail address and submitting scanned personal documents with a clearly visible photograph and document number.



Who needs to register as an operator?

Operators of unmanned aerial vehicle systems (natural persons, modelers, organizations) shall register if they operate any of the following unmanned aerial vehicles within:

  • open category:

  • an aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of 250 g or more or an aircraft capable of transmitting more than 80 joules of kinetic energy to a human in the event of a collision;

  • an aircraft equipped with a sensor that can capture personal data, unless it complies with Directive 2009/48 / EC

  • registration must also be carried out if the weight of the aircraft is less than 250g, if it is equipped with a sensor that can capture personal data, e.g. DJI Mavic mini (249g).

    • If within family a UAS is used by several family members, it is sufficient to register one family member as an operator. Everyone else still has to pass an education and an exam A1/A3.

  • specific category operate aircraft of any mass.


Can I register as an operator if I am under 18 years of age?

Minors (less tha 18 years of age) can register as an operator with the help of a legal representative (parent).

Since all conditions for operator registration is meet I Will REGISTER (CLICK HERE)



Who doesn’t need training and exam A1/A3 to be a remote pilot?

All those individuals whose unmaned aircraft system is classified as a toy or the unmanned aircraft shall bear the class designation C0( when available). The owner must be familiar with the instructions for use of the toy.

  • toys
  • Aircraft bellow 250 g, operated in subcategory A1, A3
    • If registration is required (camera on an aircraft weighing less than 250g), we recommend that training and an exam be taken as well, as the rules also apply to aircraft weighing less than 250g (except for toys).


Who needs training and exam A1/A3 to be a remote pilot?

All those individuals who for operations use unmanned aerial vehicle (s) with MTOM from 250g or more.

Because all the above conditions for remote pilot training are meet I Will TRAIN (CLIKCK HERE)