Maintenance programme

Each aircraft shall have an approved maintenance programme. Through maintenance programme aircraft continuous airworthiness is ensured. Aircraft owner is responsible for airworthiness of the aircraft.

Maintenance programme shall be sent to CAA for approval together with the application for maintenance programme approval (AIR.OBR-000010) and maintenance programme checklist (AIR.OBR-000041). Maintenance programme could also be approved by a CAMO organisation if the organization holds the privilege for indirect approval of the maintenance programme. ELA1 aircraft not involved in commercial operations could be maintained by self-declared aircraft maintenance programme. In this case declaration by the owner shall be signed.

Aircraft Maintenance Programme Template (VZO-4), suitable for hot air balloons, sailplanes, general aviation aircraft and very light rotocraft, was prepared. For Maintenance programmes based on template (VZO-4), Check list of the maintenance programme (AIR.OBR-000041) is not necessary.

For ELA1 category aircraft, which are not involved in commercial operations and are approved by owner declaration (Self-Declared AMP), the following lists of Minimum Inspection Programmes could be used:

Maintenance Programme checklist (AIR.OBR-000041) is applicable for helicopters, big transport aircraft and aircraft, for which maintenance programme is not based on template above.

Lycoming and Continental piston engines life-time extension

Life-time of Lycoming and Continental piston engines could be extended in accordance with Operational-Technical requirement for Lycoming and Continental piston engines recommended life-time extension.

In accordance with Article 3 of this Operational-Technical requirement, the CAA publishes (2 appendices):

Annex I: List of parameters for engine condition monitoring

Annex II: Engine parameters record form