Licensing and Training of Pilots

The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) is the competent authority for flight crew licensing involving the conduct of theoretical and practical exams, and issue of licences.

Flight crew licences are issued in accordance with the regulations of the European Union (EASA Part-FCL). National authorizations, however, are issued according to national legislation (e.g. pilots of ultralight flying devices, parachutists, paragliders, hang-gliders etc.).

The licences issued in accordance with Part-FCL are recognised in all EASA Member States, and countries that operate on the basis of international agreements with the European Union.

Mutual recognition allows the pilots to operate an aircraft registered in an EU member state with an EASA licence issued by any member state of the European Union. In addition, a flight crew licence may be transferred to another EASA Member State without additional requirements.

The pilots operating flying devices other than paragliders, hang-gliders and parachutes registered in the Republic of Slovenia shall hold an authorization issued by the CAA of the Republic of Slovenia. To operate a flying device registered in another state, a pilot needs to obtain the authorization of that state. Mutual recognition of national licences between countries is subject to bilateral arrangements.