Guidance on conduct of the examinations and service

To whom it may concern,

in order to facilitate the curbing of the coronavirus spread and associated risks it poses to the Civil Aviation Agency Slovenia’s (hereinafter: agency) employees and clients, we have provided some information for the agency’s clients as follows:

Guidance on conduct of the examinations

All candidates who are registered to sit exams are kindly asked to attend the examinations only if not suffering from any of the cold-related illnesses and in state of good physical fitness.
Please note that the candidates who will not comply with the said guidance and will show any of the cold-related /respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneezing, etc. will be asked to leave the classroom.

The agency will put its effort into consistent ventilation of its classrooms and the disinfection of computer keyboards.  


Our clients are kindly asked to use postal services to the highest extent possible when sending us any documentation or applications. If unfeasible, please leave your documentation or application at the reception. The agency will service its post via regular mail in accordance with the General Administrative Procedure Act. Should you work abroad, the scan of your license may be sent directly to the operator upon prior agreement and approval of the license holder.

Thank you for your understanding.

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