Geographical restrictions for UAS



Announcement of UAS flights can be emailed 12 hours before operation to address:


In addition to the restrictions of its category (subcategory), on 31 December 2020, Geographical Areas shall apply in accordance with the Regulation implementing the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) on rules and procedures for the management of unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter 'the UAS Regulation Regulation').

Restrictions for UAS flights in Slovenia are available at:

  • 2D aplication (CLICK HERE)
    • also includes an information restriction for flying over populated areas (see warning below)
    • updated january 2023


In accordance with Regulation on the Implementation of the UAS Regulation apply (indents 7 and 8 of the first paragraph of Article 5) for OPEN category  in populated areas  flying is PROHIBITED:

  • in an open category in an area where there are facilities intended for housing, business or recreation (eg residential buildings, residential houses, schools, offices, sports facilities, parks), or in which there are civil engineering works where people are (eg motorways), except for UAS up to a weight of 500 g up to a height of 50 m above the ground (AGL) only during the day and with the consent of the owner of the land over which the unmanned aircraft system is operated.  The UAS operator must notify the Agency of such a flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle system by ANNOUNCEMENT OF FLIGHT (see 'FORMS' above);

  • 'in the area of  urban zones (eg city centers, settlements, towns) under the conditions referred to in the previous indent and under any additional conditions determined by the self-governing local community and to the extent determined by this self-governing local community. Prohibitions and restrictions do not apply in a specific category if the UAS operator meets the conditions set out in Article 5 of Regulation 2019/947 / EU and any additional conditions set by the self-governing local community '.

  • The geographical areas in the above two indents are drawn with an additional layer 'BUILT', which represents the above two indents. The layer is entered for information and the requirements of the Regulation on the Implementation of the UAS Regulation still apply.

Geographical areas will be supplemented in accordance with Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Decree on the implementation of the UAS Regulation regarding restrictions in the field of state facilities, in the area of police, army ..., or in all areas where other regulations will determine that flying is restricted / prohibited.