Flying activities and licences

Here are some of the key regulations for paragliding in Slovenia:

Pilot licence requirements

  • Pilots must hold a valid paragliding or hanggliding license accompanied with valid IPPI or FAI card with a Safe Pro Para/Delta Stage min. 4 or 5 rating – (see Safety Directive DV 01/12)
  • In case of Stage 3 and below, the pilot must fly under supervision of an instructor. Every instructor needs Special Permission form CAA (see Training activities).

Airspace usage

  • Paragliding is only allowed in class G airspace (in class "E" with special permission of CAA) (visual interpretations can be found here: Interactive map of flying sites)
  • The general altitude limit for paragliding is 760 meters / 2.500 ft AGL (above ground level) and 2900 meters / 9.500 ft AMSL (above mean sea level) in the north-west part of the country.
  • Special attention is required near Ljubljana and Maribor international airports, as well as near the area of Bovec Airport (LJBO) and Ajdovščina (LJAJ) (see Safety Directive DV 01/2024).
  • When flying within vicinity of aerodromes be alert and pay attention to other traffic. Entering aerodrome traiffic zone shall be priorly coordinated with aerodrome manager.


  • Third-party liability insurance is strongly recommended.
  • For local flying conditions please consult with local flying instructors or aeroclubs.