EASA call: VFR into IMC Experience Project

EASA wants to directly engage with the GA pilot community by launching this specific experience project in cooperation with their partners. 

EASA is publishing this call for interest to ask for applications from GA pilots (PPL(A) and/or LAPL(A)) to join this exciting project, which is projected to take place during 13 & 14 March 2019. 

EASA will directly take care of the travel arrangements for the selected pilots to travel to Germany.  

What can you do?
·    As a pilot EASA invites you to join them in this project by completing your application using the attached documents and sending it to:  SafetyPromotion@easa.europa.eu before 25th of January 2019.
·    If you are involved in a flying club or work as a flight instructor, please tell your friends and students about this experiment and encourage them to apply.
·    Fly safe and always avoid flying VFR into IMC.

Link: https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/news/inadvertent-flight-imc-conditions

VFR into IMC - Application Form.docx

VFR into IMC Poster.pdf

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