Cross- border operations are posible only for operators with operational authorisation or LUC in accordance with (EU) 2019/947.

The UAS operator in specific category should according to Art 13 od (EU)2019/947:

  1.  identify the applicable local conditions in the area of operation

  2. adapt the operational procedures, as necessary: 
    • to comply with the applicable local conditions and
    • as required by the application to the new location(s) of the mitigation measures, identified in the operational authorisation

  3. submit to the competent authority of the MS of operation an application for a cross-border operation using the form provided above attaching the following:

    • a copy of the operational authorisation issued by the competent authority of the MS of registration, or a copy of the LUC terms of reference if the operation is conducted under the privileges of the LUC;
    • those chapter(s)/section(s) of the operations manual (OM) providing the operational procedures and the relevant information, amended as necessary, to comply with the local conditions and apply the mitigation measures to the new intended location(s), unless the UAS operator holds a LUC with the appropriate privileges; and

    • evidence of compliance of the amended procedures (refer to second indent above) according to the level of robustness of the mitigation measures, if any, unless the UAS operator has a LUC with the appropriate privileges


In  our experience, SORA is interpreted differently in each country. So it is necessary to check equivalent standard, as required in Slovenia to Slovenian operators. Additionally many mitigations depend on systems available in the country of registration, and are not available the country of operation (Slovenia).

Application attachments in addition to the application for cross-border operations (above):

  • sketch of the intended location with drawn contingency, ground risk buffer, distances... A Google Earth file is suggested.
  • Purpose and description of the operation

Format :

It is suggested that the full content of 'Local Operations' for Slovenia be in an appendix to the Operations Manual.

References to existing OM content must be used. It must also be clear whether the content has changed due to adaptation to Local operations requirements, or whether it has remained the same because there was no need to change.


All the mitigations in operational authorisation must be feasible in Slovenia.

In the event that mitigations are not possible in Slovenia (e.g. they are based on equipment that is not available in Slovenian airspace.), and this leads to a change in SAIL, it is necessary to obtain an operational permit from your NAA, which is feasible in Slovenian airspace.

UAS geographical zones:

The operator must first check the restricted geographical zones: link

Atypical airspace is not defined in Slovenia. SORA or PDRA, which includes ARC A, is not acceptable unless a TRA (TSA) is established, except for solutions  without reserved or segregated airspace (e.g. PDRA-G03). 

Aplication for TRA (TSA) must be submitted three months before the intended establishment. Whether a TRA(TSA) can be established for the intended purpose is decided by the commission at Ministry of Infrastructure.

For Airport environment around airports in class D airspace check rules for geographical zones map (above).

M1, M2 and M3 mitigations will be checked if they are feasible (is the equipment they rely on available in Slovenia) and for equivalent standards.


A maximum level (M) robustness is acceptable in Slovenia. ERP must be updated with contacts, locations,… for Slovenia.

Drone shows or other activity treated as an 'aviation event':

For drone shows, in addition to the requirements for cross-border UAS operations here, it is also necessary to comply with the legislation and procedures for aviation events, which is defined on the following link.