Change of owner/operator's contact details

To  change  the owner or operator’s contact details, the following documentation is required:

  • Application for change of data of the owner/operator (AIR.OBR-110) and payment of the Tariff for the service implementation of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, (Official Gazette No 38/17 and 40/17 — corr.). The tariff shall be paid in accordance with Decision on costs issued by the Agency upon the client’s application;
  • Certificate of citizenship or access to an identity document (information on citizenship for residents of the Republic of Slovenia is obtained by the agency itself) if it is a natural person;
  • Extract from the Business Register of the Republic of Slovenia (obtained by the Agency itself) if it is a legal entity or a certified certificate of entry in a foreign register if it is a foreign legal entity;
  • The original Certificate of Registration or Permit to fly shall  be returned.