Aviation events


The application form for the acquisition of the authorisation is [fillet: OPS.APL-15: Application for the permission for flights].

Acquisition of authorisations for the organization of events, competitions or flights

Events for which an authorisation of the competent authority needs to be obtained, on the basis of the Rules on the issue of permissions for flights  (UL RS No58/92), Rules amending the Rules on the issue of permissions for flights ( UL RS No18/01) and Rules on ultralight aircraft (Official Gazette of the RS, No107/08), are as follows:

  • Competitions/events involving sport parachutists;
  • Competitions/events involving general aviation aircraft;
  • Operations and landings of helicopters outside the aerodrome zone;
  • Competitions/events involving sailplanes;
  • Competitions/events involving paragliders;
  • Competitions/events involving hang gliders and powered hang gliders;
  • Competitions/ events involving model aircraft builders;
  • Competitions/events involving hot air balloons.

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