Area 100 KSA and ECQB2020

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published an extensive update to the theoretical knowledge syllabus for the training courses required for professional pilot licences, namely CPL and ATPL. 

The new syllabus contains comprehensive changes to the content of theoretical knowledge instructions which includes new learning objectives of the subject Area 100 KSA.

In addition to the change of the syllabus, a new ECQB version (ECQB 2020) has been introduced into the theoretical knowledge examination system. 

In the following document candidates and organizations can find more information regarding the new syllabus and ECQB version.

File: FCL.OBV-6 Area 100 KSA and new ATPL/CPL syllabus for training and examination

Due to the changes in the examination system, the CAA has published new application forms that can be found in:

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