Airworthiness Review Certificate

Airworthiness Review Certificate (hereinafter: the ARC - EASA Form 15a or 15c) is issued:

  • on the basis of an ARC recommendation performed by the approved CAMO/CAO organization with airworthiness review privilige, or
  • on the basis of airworthiness review performed by the competent authority (CAA).

In accordance with the Decree on the implementation of Regulation (EU) on the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances, and on the approval of organisations and personnel involved in these tasks (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No 3/16), airworthiness reviews for balloons and any other aircrafts of 2730 kg MTOW and less are in the Republic of Slovenia  carried out by certified continuous airworthiness management organizations approved under Part Vc - CAO, Annex I, with privilege under Subpart I, Part Vb - ML, Commission Regulation (EU) 1321/2014.

The application for the issue or renewal for aircrafts with national certificates is to be found in the section of Annex I aircrafts.


The Airworthiness Review Certificate, issued by the certified organisation, should be sent to the CAA within the period of ten days. The certificate shall be sent in the electronic form to

Link to the application for Airworthiness Review Certificate
Application for an Airworthiness Review Certificate issue - ARC (EASA Form 15a or 15c)