A specialist doctor with a valid specialist license issued in a country of the European Union who wants to apply to the CAA Slovenia as the competent authority for the authorization of an AME may apply for the first issue of an AME certificate; the application shall be made on the Application Form published on the Agency's website:

The Application contains all the required conditions and annexes for the issue of an AME certificate in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011. Upon receiving the application, the CAA  shall assess the fulfillment of the conditions for the issuance of the AME certificate and inform the applicant in writing of any necessary amendments to the application, then perform an inspection of the medical practice and of the medical-technical equipment and inform the applicant of the decision on the issuance of the AME certificate.

All relevant application forms are available on following link:

Applications and other forms for AME

Here you can find application forms for AMEs and other forms (negative decisions, examination reports, etc.)


The purpose of meeting the requirements for the extension of AME privileges is to enable holders of an AME certificate to conduct medical examinations for the revalidation and renewal of Class 1 medical certificates for CPL and ATPL holders and Class 3 medical certificates for ATCOs.

The requirements and criteria for the extension of privileges are set out in the application form published on the website of the Slovenian CAA:

  • Application for extension of AME certificate (FCL.APL-171)


The AME certificate shall be issued for a maximum period of three (3) years. For its revalidation, the AME has to submit an application for revalidation no sooner than 30 days and at least 10 days before the expiry date of the AME certificate to the email address: The relevant form is published on the CAA website:

  • Application for revalidation of AME certificate (FCL.APL-173)

The period of validity of the AME certificate shall be extended if the holder:

(1) continues to fulfill the general conditions required for medical practise and maintain his or her licence for the practise of medicine in accordance with national and/or EU legislation, as verified by the implementation of ongoing oversight.

(2) have completed, in accordance with the curriculum, refresher training in aviation medicine within the last 3 years, namely at least 20 hours per year for AME Class 2 and at least 10 hours per year for AME Class 1 privileges, and attend at least one international congress/conference in aviation medicine (ECAM, ASMA, ICASM, etc.) during the period of validity of the certificate; AMEs with a Class 3 privileges shall, for the purpose of revalidation, have completed at least 4 hours of training on the working environment of the air traffic controller within the last 3 years of the validity of the certificate.

(3) perform at least ten (10) Class 1, Class 2 and/or LAPL or equivalent aeromedical examinations annually. For the revalidation of a Class 3 AME certificate, the AME shall conduct at least 3 examinations per year of applicants for the issue or revalidation/renewal of Class 3 medical certificate (rather than 10; as per ATCO.MED.C.025 (c), the CAA Slovenia as competent authority justifies by the small number of air traffic controller licence holders in the country of Slovenia). If the AME does not carry out enough Class 3 examinations annually, class 1 medical examinations may be considered equivalent.

(4) remains in compliance with the terms of the certificate

(5) Exercise the privileges in accordance with the requirements of Part MED and/or  Part ATCO.MED

(6) has demonstrated that he or she maintains his or her aero-medical competency in accordance with the procedure of CAA Slovenia, which is presented to AMEs through the oversight activity.

Medical assessor shall complete the FCL.CHK-86 checklist at least 10 days before the expiry of the AME certificate to assess whether the AME is eligible for the revalidate the privileges of the AME certificate.

In case of non-compliance, the medical assessor shall immediately inform the AME by e-mail and request the AME to complete the application (e.g. to send training certificates or to complete the equivalent of the missing medical examinations). If the AME fails to do so in time and the AME's AME certificate expires as a result, or the AME does not meet the requirements, the medical assessor shall inform the AME in writing by e-mail of the possibility of renewing the AME certificate.


In case of interest in the renewal of an AME Class 1, 2, LAPL certificate, the doctor applicant shall submit to the  CAA an Application for the renewal of an AME Class 1, 2 certificate (FCL.APL-220).

The requirements for the renewal of an AME Class 1 or 2,LAPL certificate are specified in the form »Application for renewal of an AME Class 1,2 certificate«, in accordance with MED.010 and MED.D.030.

In case of interest in the renewal of an AME Class 3 AME certificate, he/she shall submit to the CAA an application for the revalidation of a Class 3 AME certificate (FCL.APL-221).

The requirements for the renewal of an AME Class 3 certificate are specified in the »Application for renewal of an AME Class 3 certificate«, in accordance with ATCO.MED.C.010.


Holders of an AME certificate shall, without undue delay, notify the competent authority of the following circumstances which could affect their AME certificate:

(1) the AME is subject to disciplinary proceedings or investigation by a medical regulatory body;

(2) there are changes to the conditions under which the certificate was granted, including the content of the statements provided with the application;

(3) the requirements for the issuance of the AME certificate are no longer met;

(4) there is a change to the aero-medical examiner’s practice location(s) or correspondence address.

Failure to notify the competent authority in accordance with point (a) shall result in the suspension or revocation of the AME certificate in accordance with point ARA.MED.250 of Annex II (Part-ARA).


The Agency shall conduct the process for the initial certification of an Aero Medical Centre in accordance with ARA.AeMC.110 (the initial certification procedure in accordance with ARA.GEN.310, AMC1 ARA.GEN.310(a). The applicant shall submit the application form for the issue of an AeMC certificate (FCL.APL-000088), together with the required applicable attachments.

Pursuant to Article 166(2) of the National Aviation Legislation, the CAA Slovenia is responsible for the implementation of certification procedures, continuous oversight and inspection of the implementation of the aviation regulations in force.

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity of the process, the application for an AeMC shall be sent to the CAA Slovenia at least 90 days before the date on which the examinations are scheduled to commence.

The applicant shall normally contact the CAA by e-mail ( or or by telephone (+386 1 244 66 00). Then a contact person is designated, responsible for the follow-up of the process through all stages of the certification.